March 2, 2023

Nathan Wild


Meet Brian and Krista of Zero Fox Tree Crops!

They run a small perennial plant nursery located in Harrop BC. They’re first generation farmers who started growing edible perennials on a piece of leased land they found through the Young Agrarians land matching program, in 2018. They have located valuable trees in the Kootenays, collected seeds from them and are now selling trees grown from those seeds. How cool is that!

What are they selling this spring?

They have a wide selection of trees and bushes in our winter/spring 23’ catalog. Some of their featured trees this year include chestnuts, mulberries, hazelnuts, nanking cherry, American plum, and walnuts. For folks wanting a diversity of plants, at their best price point, they have put together food forest packages that include different layers that can be interplanted with adequate partners for pollination.

They are happy to put together custom food forest packages of 15 plants or more and answer any questions people have about designing their food forest, so feel free to reach out.

What are they looking forward too?

This year they are trying out a bunch of new types of plants from seed sources they were finally able to find including northern pecan, sugar maple, beech, magnolia and others along with most of the same plants they are currently offering. They look forward to planting out a lot of their seedlings on their farm site as well as friend’s properties in the community.

All of their plants are grown without synthetics and sold bareroot at a young age to keep prices low. They take pre orders through the winter months, ship plants and offer on-farm order pickup in early April.

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My Food For Thought articles in one spot

I’ve compiled all of my Food For Thought posts under the “Blog” section of our online farm store. Be sure to check them out and share the ones that speak to you!



Echalion Onion

An Echalion is a cross between a shallot and an onion and has the best qualities of both. It's elongated and tear drop shaped like a shallot but closer in size to an onion. It has a delicate flavour that is sure to become your new favorite onion!

Grown by Spicer Farm, Nakusp.



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