May 30, 2023

Nathan Wild


Progress Report

Out of 43 one hundred foot beds we only have two more to go before all of the large sod clumps are out! The next step is starting from the very beginning and weeding out the remaining grass that has already begun to take over. But with every bed we finish the more it starts to look like a farm.

We've been amazed at how well everything is growing. This is by far the best soil we've ever worked with. Our field is next to a marshy area with a high water table. When we visited this field end of summer last year the grass was lush and vibrant green even though it had never been watered.

Growing veggies well has always felt like a struggle to us. We assumed it was because we were inexperienced farmers. But after seeing what we've been able to grow with this soil we're really starting to see how important soil health is.


Our Favorite Slocan Valley Farm Stand!

Our friends Heather and Chris at Wild Valley Farm in Passmore have a fantastic farm stand stocked with the freshest veggies money can buy. If you're traveling through the valley be sure to stop by and check it out. It's located at 3876 Woykin Rd, Passmore



Pac Choi Shoots

Description: When Pac Choi plants start to flower they send out these wonderful tender shoots. The entire shoot is edible. The flavour is similar to Pac Choi, slightly sweet and mild. The stems are juicy and crisp and the leaves are meaty. You can eat them raw as a snack , chopped up in a salad or sautéed.

Details: Sold per bunch.



The Art Of Salad Mix

I learned how to grow salad greens from one of my farm mentors. His name is Jordan and he runs Unearthed Farm in Kelowna. Salad greens were his specialty, and he sold them to the top winery restaurants in Kelowna. They were by far the best greens I had ever had. He used a mix of different flavours, colours and textures which gave his greens a beauty and depth that I'd never seen before.

I took what I learned from him and tried to create my own signature blend. Ours has Tokyo Bekana, green and purple mustard, three types of kale, mizuna, salanova lettuce and it can have a variety of edible flowers ranging from pansies, nasturtiums, violas, sunflower, calendula and whatever else looks interesting!

Food can be so much more than the standardized, uniform, grown-for-mass-transportation stuff you find at the grocery store. Food can be and should be the artistic expression of the farmer. Because food is art and farmers are the artists.