NEWSLETTER January 6 2022

Emily Woody


We just finished our 2022 crop plan! 🤗

We wanted to share with y'all a few new varieties we plan on growing this year that we are very excited about.

Ground Cherries. We grew these for the first time in Kelowna and they are delicious. Also know as golden berries or husk berry, they are a small yellow fruit concealed in a paper husk. They are sweet and have a tropical pineapple-like flavour.

Cape Gooseberries. These are similar to a ground cherry only bigger and with more of a sour tang. Highly addictive!

Gai Lan. An Asian green that tastes like broccoli, has a mild mustard green spice and a thick, juicy stem similar to asparagus. Gai Lan grilled on the BBQ is one of our favorite spring dishes 👌

We’re also going to be growing a new and improved signature salad mix, baby spinach, arugula and a baby kale mix!


Our CSA is almost sold out! 😱

Yes, it’s true. We only have 4 CSA spots available. If you were thinking of joining now would be the time to do it.

We would like to thank everyone who has joined so far. We feel very blessed to have received so much love and support from the community.

With the funds that we’ve already received from the CSA we were able to order all of our seeds for the upcoming season, as well as some new tools and equipment.

As we like to say, teamwork makes the dream work!