October 27, 2022

Emily Woody


On To Greener Pastures!

Today we officially moved farms from Passmore to Pass Creek! We’ve been working non-stop shutting down the farm and packing up our belongings, but the work is almost done. Things are finally going to start slowing down for us. We can’t wait to start planning for next season and to transform our new field into an abundance of yummy foods and flowers 🌷



Kuri Squash

Description: Kuri squash have a savoury, buttery flavour with a soft creamy texture. Great for roasting and soups.

Grown by Salix & Sedge Farm, Salmo.


Acorn Squash

Description: Acorn squash have a mildly sweet and buttery flavour with a creamy texture. Great for roasting.

Grown by Salix & Sedge Farm, Salmo.



Spaghetti Squash

Description: These beautiful squash have a stringy yellow inside making them a perfect gluten-free noodle substitute.

Grown by Settle Down Farm, Grand Forks.