August 28, 2023

Nathan Wild


The End Is Near

This week we did our very last seeding and transplanting of the year. All we can do in the garden now is start ripping out plants, composting, and tarping beds - there are no fall crops to harvest this year besides onions. We'll still have plenty of veggies throughout the fall and winter though! We've made plans with a lot of different koootenay farms and we're excited to share their beautiful storage crops with everyone.


Delivery Change Starting Next Week 

Starting next week we'll be changing to our fall delivery schedule. The new schedule will be as follows:

Nelson delivery - Saturday mornings from 6am - 10am (starting on September 9th)

Castlegar delivery - Sunday mornings from 6am - 10am (starting on September 10th)



Roasted Onion & Rainbow Chard Calzone

Description: You had a long day, you feel tired and the last thing you want to do is cook. Why not try our frozen Roasted Onion & Rainbow Chard Calzone?

In just 12 minutes you could have a steaming hot calzone fresh from the oven. Cut one open and let the cheesy chard and roasted onion filling slowly flow out. Pick it up and take a bite. The rustic crust has crispy edges and a delicious whole wheat flavour. The filling is cheesy and herby with satisfying bites of rainbow chard and sweet roasted onion that was freshly harvested from our farm.

These calzones are easy to make, are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, won’t make a mess and require minimal clean up. What more could you ask for!


Red & Yellow Onions

Description: These are your classic red and yellow onions. They have a crisp and juicy flesh with a nice peppery bite.

They were harvested fresh from our garden and not cured. They are meant to be eaten right away so keep them in the fridge and do not store them long-term.

Details: sold per pound.


Bake-At-Home Peach Pie with Crumble Topping

Description: In just minutes you can have a fresh from the oven, warm, homestyle Peach Pie. Simply pop it in the oven and let the smell of sweet peaches get the whole family excited.

Once it's ready, pull it out of the oven. Cut a nice thick slice, add a big scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and watch it slowly melt over the pie. The shortbread cookie pie crust is sweet, buttery and flakey. The Okanagan peach filling combined with a touch of lemon juice really makes the flavours pop. And the slightly crunchy crumble topping adds a wonderful contrast of textures that delights with every bite. 

This is a simple, yet elegant peach pie that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home with minimal mess or clean up.


Hummus With Roasted Garlic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Description: This hummus is made from BC grown organic chickpeas and Kootenay grown garlic from Against The Wind Farm out of Winlaw. We made sure to use high-quality extra virgin organic olive oil instead of the cheap canola or sunflower oil that is typically used in grocery store hummus. 

Grab a tray of fresh veggies and scoop up a nice dollop of hummus. The texture is creamy and smooth. It tastes rich with a satisfying roasted garlic flavour and a hint of organic lemon juice that really makes the flavours pop! 

Details: Sold in a 400g container. Hummus comes frozen.




If You Love Cashews Don't Watch This Video

I personally love cashews. They're one of my favorite nuts. So it was a huge disappointment when I discovered how they're produced.

The cashews at the grocery store are processed by hand. Cashew nuts contain an acid that will burn the fingers and eyes of the workers who process them. They could wear gloves but because they are paid by weight they need to move as fast as possible. The gloves slow them down and so they often forgo safety in order to make a living.

Whenever an agricultural product is industrialized and sold on a global market for commodity prices there are always negative consequences. 

Our current food system is a cruel place. The most vulnerable people in our global community are the ones who take the brunt of the abuse so that we can enjoy cheap prices. But without those cashew factories those women might not have a job at all. It's a conundrum. 

I think in the very least we could give thanks to the hard working farmers and workers who produce our food. Acknowledging that they exist is the first step in changing our food system.