September 7, 2023

Nathan Wild


Delivery Schedule Change Starts This Weekend 

A friendly reminder that our new delivery schedule starts this weekend. The new schedule will be as follows:

Nelson delivery - Saturday mornings from 6am - 10am (starting on September 9th) Order cut off time is Friday at midnight 

Castlegar delivery - Sunday mornings from 6am - 10am (starting on September 10th) Order cut off time is Saturday at midnight 


When Is A Pear Truly Ripe?

This question, surprisingly, is one I didn't know the answer to until recently. We picked up some phenomenal pears from a small family orchard in Bonnington this week. They told us that the way you know a pear is ripe is when the tip of the pear is soft and squishy but the body of the pear is still firm. The reason is because pears ripen from the inside out. So if you wait until the entire pear is soft it will be overripe.

We took their advice and they were spot on! A perfectly ripe pear tastes so much better than an over or under ripe one. We still have lots of pears available but this will be the only order we get so be sure to try them out for yourself!



Bartlett & Red Clapp Pears

Description: These pears are the true definition of fresh. They were hand harvested this week by a small family run orchard called Sunny Spot Farm, tucked away on an inconspicuous road out in Bonnington.

These are some of the best tasting pears we've ever had. The flesh is firm but when you bite into it it's soft. They're full of sweet pear juice that's so fresh it feels almost effervescent.

These are not like your typical grocery store pears. They are not coated in any type of artificial wax that will make them look shiny and preserve them for months on end. These pears are meant to be enjoyed while they're still fresh. 

These pears will come underripe. Leave the pears on the counter for 3 - 6 days or until the tip of the pear is soft before eating.

Details: sold in 1 lb portions (approx 4 pears)

Grown by Sunny Spot Farm, Bonnington.


Rose de Roscoff Keravel Onion

Description: Rose de Roscoff Keravel Onion is a heirloom variety and is a selection of a type of onion known as Oignon de Roscoff in France. This French heritage cultivar has been grown since the 17th century in Roscoff, Brittany. High in Vitamin C, onions from Brittany were sold to merchant ships as a cure for scurvy.

Rose de Roscoff Keravel have a beautiful and unique rosy-pink colour with a sweet and mild onion flavour. 

Details: Sold per pound.


Rosemary Focaccia Is Back In Stock!

Description: Simply pop our Rosemary Focaccia in the oven and in just 10 minutes you'll have a warm, golden-brown piece of heaven. Cut a nice big slice and take a bite. The oily and crisp edges add a slightly crunchy texture. The center is soft and warm with a tender crumb. It has a nice balance of sweet and savoury with a sprinkle of organic rosemary that adds an elegant herby flavour.


Sauerkraut Is Back In Stock!

Description: This sauerkraut is made locally in small batches by the amazing folks at Counter Culture in Salmo. It's made with locally-grown veggies.


Rosemary Sale

We'll be shutting down our rosemary bed next week so this will be last call. Rosemary is easy to dry so if you want rosemary for the winter now is the time to stock up!