January 18, 2024

Nathan Wild


We're Going On Vacation! ✈️

It's Emily’s Grandmas 80th birthday this year! To celebrate we and the whole fam are to going to Florida for two weeks.

This weekend will be the last delivery before we leave so be sure to load up! Our next delivery won't be until the weekend of Feb 10th and 11th.


We’ve Got Big Plans For Year 4

We just finished finalizing our crop plan and our plans to buy veggies from the other local farms that we work with. Salix & Sedge Farm out of Salmo will be growing us nearly 7000 lb of winter storage crops this year! And that's just one of the farms we have plans with.

We're really falling in love with collaborating with other farms and food producers and being able to curate our yearly offering.

Being able to visit the farms and shake the hands of everyone who grows or makes food for us just feels right. We feel like this year will be out best year yet and we're beyond excited to share with you the best Kootenay-grown food that we could find! 🙂



 Roasted Chipotle Squash Soup

The sweet winter squash combined with the warm chipotle spice makes this squash soup recipe a winter classic!



Food For Thought 🍎

Isn't It Odd? 

Isn't it odd that we mostly eat food grown by people who we'll never meet from a farm we'll never see in a town we'll never visit? 

For 99.99% of human existence our food came from our local landscape. It was hunted, foraged or grown by the community. Eating a diet that consists entirely of imported foods loaded off a truck is odd indeed!

We've gotten used to eating this way but let's not forget how radical this shift truly is.


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