February 8, 2024

Nathan Wild


And We're Back!

We're back from our Florida trip where we celebrated Emily's grandma's 80th birthday. The photo on the left is Emily as a baby with Gramie and the photo on the right was from our trip. Funny how time flies!

We got sick on the trip down to Florida and had to spend three days locked away in our room which was a bummer. But the rest of the trip was great and we're excited to get the growing season started 🙂


Time To Refrigerate

We're getting to that time of year when some of the storage crops are starting to want to grow!

We're now recommending that you store your garlic and all of your potatoes going forward in the refrigerator to keep them from sprouting.



100% Grass-fed Ground Beef

Description: This 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef is the highest quality and most nutritious beef you can find. 

Grass-fed cows can either we grass-finished or grain-finished. When the cows are grass-finished it means they're fed to maturity solely on grass. When they're grain-finished they're fed grain during the last part of their lifecycle in order to speed up their growth. 

100% grass-fed beef can contain more nutrients, including 3x the amount of omega 3 fatty acids, compared to grain-fed beef. But since grass-finished cows take longer to reach their ideal weight the ranchers need to charge more for it.

Details: Sold per pound.

Produced by Kooteny Natural Meats, Creston. 


Fresh Rosso Di Lucca Dry Beans 

Description: Rossa Di Lucca beans are native to the Tuscan city of Lucca, in Italy. They have a gorgeous rosy red colour, a firm and meaty texture and a full-bodied flavour. They make a great substitute for kidney beans and are ideal for chili, soups and salads. 


Freshly Milled Nothstine Dent Cornmeal

Description: Nothstine Dent Corn kernels are yellow and white and produce a light yellow cornmeal with bright yellow specks. This heirloom variety originates from Northern Michigan and is prized for its sweet flavour and excellent cornmeal. 

It will make excellent cornbread. You can also make pancakes, muffins, fritters, or polenta - the recipes are endless!


Ugly Carrots

Description: They're ugly on the outside but delicious on the inside! These ugly carrots will be sold for a discount.




This cornbread recipe is slightly sweet, rich and buttery. You can use anyone of our freshly milled cornmeals for this recipe.



Food For Thought 🍎

How To Cook Like A Michelin Star Chef 

A Michelin Star is a coveted award given to chefs who produce excellent food and are able to meet the very high standards set by the Michelin organization. It's basically like the Oscars for chefs.

(Fun fact: the Michelin star guide was invented by the owners of the popular Michelin tire company! It started off as an informal pamphlet designed to inspire French motorists to explore their country, with restaurant write-ups to help travelers determine where to head next.)

The official Michelin Star criteria states that there are two essential components that need to be met in order to receive a Michelin Star;  incredible ingredients and excellent technique. Michelin Inspectors look for the use of locally grown, in-season ingredients that reflect both the chefs mission and where they're situated geographically.

Contrary to what most people might expect, the criterion isn't about using only the most expensive or rarest ingredients such as truffles or caviar. Perfectly roasted and seasoned local carrots or a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread made with local grains can impress an inspector just as much. The International Director of Michelin Guides was quoted as saying "making the simple sublime will get our attention."

So, how do you cook like a Michelin Star chef? Step one is find expertly-grown ingredients that are in-season from local farms. Step two is don't burn, undercook, overseason or underseason your dish. If you can do those two things you'll be cooking just like a Michelin Star chef 👩‍🍳


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