July 4, 2023

Nathan Wild


We Conquered The Weeds! 😬

We finished the last of the weedy beds today. It was a monumental task but we finally tamed this wild part of our field!

It feels good to be able to put this chapter behind us. The grass took a lot out of us. It grew back so fast that it ruined a few of our crops. But luckily, it will never be this bad again.

On to the next project!


These are THE most beautiful veggies we've EVER grown

We can't take much of the credit however. The credit has to go to the fertile soil we've been blessed with.

This is our sixth year growing veggies. And every year prior to this one we've struggled to grow nice produce. We assumed it was because we were bad at farming. But after seeing what our garden has been producing we're realizing maybe we aren't as terrible as we thought.

In the last three garden spaces we had soil that was either completely barren and degraded or nutritionally imbalanced and neglected. We thought that if we added a ton of minerals and compost that that would solve the problem. We were wrong and as a result our veggie production suffered.

It was very difficult transforming our new field into a farm but we now feel like all that hard work is paying off. The veggies we are harvesting are stunning and for the first time we don't feel like total failures 😅



Kale & Mushroom Calzone

Description: You had a long day, you feel tired and the last thing you want to do is cook. Why not try our frozen Kale & Mushroom Calzones?

In just 12 minutes you could have a steaming hot calzone fresh from the oven. Cut one open and let the cheesy kale and mushroom filling slowly flow out. Pick it up and take a bite. The rustic crust has crispy edges and a delicious whole wheat flavour. The filling is cheesy and herby with satisfying bites of kale freshly harvested from our farm.

These calzones are easy to make, are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, won’t make a mess and require minimal clean up. What more could you ask for!

About Our Calzones

For these Calzones we started with a combination of our freshly-milled Red Fife flour and Anita’s fine-grind whole wheat flour. This makes for a flavourful crust with a rustic feel. We then hand-fill each calzone with a three cheese blend of ricotta, mozzarella and Grana Padano parmesan, potatoes, garlic, button mushrooms, freshly harvested kale from our farm, and herbs and spices. Once filled we fold the dough over, seal the edges and cut vents on top to let steam out.

Details: Each box contains four large frozen calzones.


Red Mist Lettuce

Description: Our Lettuce has soft tender leaves and a bright and fresh flavour. Comes in different varieties based on what's in season.

Grown by Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw.



Beautiful cauliflower grown by our friends and fellow farmers at Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw.


Piccolino Cucumbers

Description: These tasty cucumbers are a smaller variety with a very thin skin and a sweet and refreshing flavour.

Details: Sold per cucumber.


Bristol Cucumber

Description: These are a larger cumber with a thicker skin and a sweet and refreshing flavour.

Details: Sold per cucumber

Grown by Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw.



Under Attack

Two deer who live in our back field have been sneaking into our garden under the cover of night and sampling our zucchini, beans, baby sunflowers and tomato plants. I can’t really blame them though. We are growing food after all.

Deer are of course just one of many animals that like to dine in a farmer’s field. There are also rodents, birds and bears. Don’t forget about the bugs too. Like the aphids, root maggots, cabbage moths, slugs and wire worms - just to name a few. Oh, and then there are the viruses, fungal diseases and bacteria, such as powdery mildew, bacterial wilt and blight.

It's truly a miracle that we’re able to grow anything at all.

It's something I feel people don't think about much when they think of farming- you're constantly under attack.