June 26, 2023

Nathan Wild


We're Feeling It

Feelings of burnout are an all too common experience in small scale farming. And we're starting to feel it right now. This is an extremely weedy bed that's been on our to-do list for weeks. We haven't been able to tackle it because we've hit a slump.

Most people think that the hardest part about farming is the early mornings and high-paced, physically demanding work. But that's not actually the case. It's the mental aspect of having to simultaneously run a business and farm that's overwhelming.

Constantly worrying about bills, juggling money around and trying to stay within budget is exhausting. Mainly because it never goes away. It's a persistent worry in the back of your mind that leads to the feeling of knots in your stomach. To be honest, if farming was just physical I don't think there would be any cases of burnout and farmers would be the happiest people on the planet.

But the fact is every farm is a business. And businesses need money to survive. And when you're barely making enough, as many young farmers are, it can drain your energy faster than any physical work could.


On The Bright Side: Flowers!🥳

Our first season bouquets are now ready! We only have a limited amount for deliveries on Thursday. If you really want one be sure to order right away because they will sell out quickly!



Seasonal Flower Bouquets

Description: The best way to start your week is by opening your door in the morning and receiving a bundle of freshly harvested flowers from our farm.

Pick them up and place them on your dining room table. Watch as they brighten up the entire room and bring a smile to your face. The incredible scents, the magnificent colours and the luscious petals. Surround yourself with more beauty by treating yourself to a seasonal flower bouquet!

Details: Your bouquet will arrive in a bucket with water. Once you receive it transfer it into your own vase or vessel. At your next order leave the bucket outside and we will pick it up.

How To Care For Your Flowers

Once you receive your bouquet, cut about one inch off the stems or as much as you need to fit your vase. This will help them rehydrate faster.

Fill your clean vase with about 6 inches of water and place your flowers inside. The extra water keeps them better hydrated.

Place them in an area away from direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will cause them to wilt faster.

Keep them away from fruit bowls. Fruit emits a gas called ethylene as it ages. This gas can cause your flowers to wilt if they are in close proximity.

To maximize the vase life of the flowers you can change out the water daily.


Purple Radish

Description: These stunning KN- Bravo purple radishes are crisp and have a sweet flavour with a mild peppery aftertaste. They have unusual long purple and green tops which are also edible. These radishes are perfect for adding colour and beauty to any dish.

Details: Sold per bunch.



Description: Calendula is an edible medicinal flower known to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds, eczema, rashes, as well as chapped and cracked skin, sunburn and insect bites.

Uses: Calendula flower petals can be eaten raw and added to salads, pasta, pizza or pretty such any dish. It can be steeped and used to make a herbal tea. It can be used to make a soothing salve or balm. They can also be added to a warm bath.

Details: Sold in 6 oz bag (1 cup)


Spinach & Ricotta Calzones?

Description: You had a long day, your feel tired and the last thing you want to do is cook. Why not try our frozen Spinach & Ricotta Calzones?

In just 12 minutes you could have a steaming hot calzone fresh from the oven. Cut one open and let the cheesy spinach filling slowly flow out. Pick it up and take a bite. The rustic crust has crispy edges and a satisfying whole wheat flavour. The filling is cheesy and herby and with a touch of spice on the tongue.

These calzones are easy to make, are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, won’t make a mess and require minimal clean up. What more could you ask for!

For these Calzones we started with a combination of our freshly-milled Red Fife flour and Anita’s fine-grind whole wheat flour. This makes for a flavourful crust with a rustic feel. We then hand-fill each Calzone with a three cheese blend of ricotta, mozzarella and Grana Padano parmesan, locally-grown potatoes and garlic, frozen spinach from our farm, and herbs and spices. Once filled we fold the dough over, seal the edges and cut vents on top to let steam out.

Details: Each box contains four large frozen calzones



Veggie Fun Fact: The scientific name for Sage is Salvia, which derives from the Latin word ‘salveo’ which means ‘salvation’, ‘to be in good health’, ‘to save’, ‘to heal’.

Description: Sage is an herb that is prized for its strong herbal aroma and earthy flavour. Sage is often used in savory recipes and will add a unique flavor that will bring warmth and complexity to a dish. It works well when combined with other herbs and complements a variety of foods, from meat and seafood and even lemonade.

Details: Sold per bunch.


Genovese Basil

Description: With its unforgettable fragrance, our fresh Genovese Basil will add a sweet herby flavour to any dish.

Details: Sold per bunch.

Storage tip: Keep basil on the counter in a plastic bag or container. Do not keep in the fridge or it will brown quickly.



Description: Add some as a garnish to carrots and beets or put it in a burger or sandwich for a delicious dill flavour. Yum!

Detail: Sold per bunch.


Quick Pickled Radish

Description: For these quick pickled radish we started with fresh red radishes from Linden Lane Farms. We then made a simple brine of vinegar, salt and sugar and added mustard seed, black peppercorn and bay leaf to create a more complex flavour.

The result is a bright pickled radish with a beautiful pink colour, an excellent crunch and that classic pungent radish flavour.

Details: Sold in 250 ml jar.


Purple Cabbage

Description: Beautiful crisp purple cabbage, great for coleslaw and salads.

Details: Each cabbage weighs about 1.5 lb.


Savoy Cabbage

Description: Savoy Cabbage has crinkled, emerald green leaves that are crunchy and tender.

Details: Each cabbage weighs about 2 lbs.



Description: Fresh and crisp, scallions will add a wonderful mild onion flavour to any dish.

Details: Sold per bunch.


Sugar Snap Peas

Description: Known as the "Cascadia” variety, Sugar Snap Peas have a wonderful crunchy texture, a sweet and juicy flavour and the entire pod can be eaten raw or cooked.

Details: Sold in a 1/2 lb pint.



Why are we getting sicker as food becomes cheaper?

Here's an interesting statistic: While the percentage of income spent on food has fallen by half since the 1950s, the societal cost of health care more than doubled.

My questions is, are we really paying less for food? Or are we just paying the full price later in life with a lower quality of health?

Our industrialized food system produces an abundance of food that is lower in nutrients than it was 50 years ago. And it does this by disregarding soil health. Unhealthy soil produces unhealthy food. This style of farming therefore gives us a diet which produces a lower quality of public health.

What if we were to do the opposite? What if instead of mass produced food we instead had food produced by the masses? What if we had many small scale farmers, all farming with an emphasis on creating healthy soil? Healthy soil would produce more nutrient-dense food which would give us a healthier diet. This of course would make food cost more upfront because small scale farming is more labour intensive. But it would pay dividends later down the road with a higher quality of health.

Which would you prefer? Cheaper food now or better health later?

These are the questions we need to start asking ourselves when we buy our food because the reality is there is no such thing as cheap food. We always end up paying the full price eventually.


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