November 12, 2023

Nathan Wild


Delivery Time Update 

Our delivery schedule is changing. The new schedule is Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and noon. The reason we are changing the time is to accommodate the change in daylight and the winter weather. We want to avoid driving in the dark as much as possible and we want to make sure vegetables are not in the freezing temperatures long after we deliver them.


5 Things You Didn't Know About Linden Lane Farms

We've gotten veggies from Matt, owner of Linden Lane Farms in Krestova, for a few years now. Even though he hasn't even turned 30 yet Matt has been running his farm for 10 years! We feel it's important to know the people who grow our food, so here are 5 things you didn't know about Linden Lane Farms

1. Who are you and where are you from originally? I grew up in the Central Kootenays and started my side of the farm in high school.

2 How did you end up in the Kootenays? Only left for a brief few years for junior hockey and University in Saskatchewan to pursue a Horticultural Science degree.  I was able to bring back my fiancé, Emily, who now produces our cut flowers on the farm through Aemilia Gardens.

3. What inspired you to become a farmer? Growing up involved in the family farm had a big impact as well as a curiosity for plant physiology. While you do not need a degree to farm, I have learned from a vast network of farmers and academia across North America through my studies and try to bring innovations back to showcase what is possible in the Kootenays.  

4. What's your favorite part about being a farmer? Interacting with our customers and knowing that they appreciate the dedication required to grow great food.

5. What are your future dreams? Continue to expand to meet the needs of the community for both food production as well as education and agritourism. We will be breaking ground to expand production capacity at the main farm in Krestova, but are also looking  for additional land leases close to the Playmor Junction.

Be sure to check out the Linden Lane Farms’ christmas tree sale starting the first week of December! 



Coloured Carrots 🌈

We now have four varieties of carrots and a rainbow carrot mix. Cooking with only orange carrots can get boring, so why not mix it up! 

Nature has blessed us with so many beautiful colours. I think it's a shame we only get access to the standard run of the mill vegetables.



Description: Our Leeks have a delicious mild onion flavour. Great for soups and stir fry's.

Details: Sold per pound. 

Grown by Spicer Farm, Nakusp 




French Green Lentil Soup 

This is an easy to make soup that features our BC-grown French Green Lentils. French Green Lentils are great because they hold their shape well when cooked.




Are Pesticide Regulations In Canada Broken?

This was an important story that I thought flew under the radar this summer. Bruce Lanphear, one of Canada's most seasoned scientists on the topic of toxic chemicals and their effects on public health resigned from Canada's new pesticide regulatory advisory board. 

In his three-page resignation letter, Lanphear said he worries the committee, and his role as co-chair, “provides a false sense of security” that Health Canada is protecting Canadians from toxic pesticides.

The new advisory board was created in response to public outcry over the agrochemical industry's new proposal to increase the amount of pesticide and herbicide (including glyphosate) residue on our food. The advisory board was supposed to increase transpacy and public trust but according to Bruce it did neither, and so he resigned. The story is complicated and was not well covered in the news.  

Luckily, Emily’s former boss and owner of Unearthed Organics Farm in Kelowna got a chance to interview Bruce on what really happened. The podcast is an interesting behind-the-scenes look into the broken system that regulates toxic pesticides in Canada. It turns out that the chemicals that are sprayed on our food and into our ecosystems are not nearly as safe or rigorously studied as you would hope.

If you're interested in this topic I highly recommend having a listen to the podcast



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