November 2, 2023

Nathan Wild


Close Call

This week's frost was more intense then we were expecting. When we went to check our walk-in cooler we discovered that the temperature was hovering around freezing. We have thousands of pounds of storage crops in there right now and if it would have gotten any colder we could have frozen all of it. We have a heater setup to keep the temperature above freezing in there but we weren't expecting to need it this early! 

When you work with perishable products all it takes is one mistake and you could lose everything. There never seems to be a dull moment on the farm 😅


Emily Is Back From Wisconsin!

Emily was able to take a quick trip to her Dad's farm to visit Dad, Grammie, youngest sister Lauren and her stepmom Wendy. She hasn't been back home in nearly three years.

She helped shut down her dad's garden, harvested the last of the apple trees and said goodbye to their dog who had to be put down this week. It's amazing how fast time passes.




These are no ordinary dry beans. These are the freshest and tastiest dry beans you can find. They were harvested this fall by Jordan Marr, a solo farmer from Vernon and Emily's former boss. Jordan's farm, Unearthed Organics, used to supply premium salad greens and veggies to the top winery restaurants in Kelowna, such as Mission Hill and Quails Gate. He recently transitioned his business so he could focus on something he was more passionate about - beans, corn and chiles! He now grows a variety of top-quality fresh dry beans and this year we were lucky enough to get a hold of some.

Since these dry beans are fresh there is no need to soak them overnight. They're more flavourful than your typical grocery store dry bean and we have a few heirloom varieties that you can't find anywhere else. Be sure to check them out!


Radicchio Trio 

Description: Our Radicchio Trio features three different varieties including Bianco di chiogga (green), Rosa di chiogga (red), and Variegato di lusia (spotted pink). 

Radicchio is one of our favorite fall greens. They are similar to lettuce but with a wonderful bitter flavour. You can enjoy them raw or cooked. 

Details: Includes three small heads of radicchio.



Tuscan White Bean & Parmesan Soup 

This soup uses mostly locally-grown ingredients and features our fresh Purgatory white dry breans. It's also a great way to utilize your leftover parmesan rinds 😋




Imperfect Vegetables

We just got our order of storage carrots from our friends and fellow farmers at Salix & Sedge Farm in Salmo. They had a particularly bad year for pests and their carrot crop took significant damage. To salvage their work they had to chop the tops off of almost every single carrot. 

These carrots are still perfectly good, premium carrots. They just don't look perfect, which is what everyone expects. But farming isn't a perfect system. You can't input resources at one end and output carbon copies at the other. 

An imperfect vegetable should be as appreciated as a beautiful one. It took the same amount of effort to grow it. It tastes no different. It will nourish your body in the same way. And when you chop up all the veggies and throw them in the pot will you even be able to tell the difference anyways?

Farming is unlike most careers. There are so many factors that are out of our control. And so as a community we should be able to celebrate the successes of our farmers and stand by them during hard times. Thank you farmers! 


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