Sept 14, 2023

Nathan Wild


Progress Report 

We've been ripping out crops, spreading compost and dragging wet muddy tarps around. This is not glamorous but this is what shutting down a farm looks like! 


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work 

Last year we reached out to koootenay-based farmers and asked if they would like to collaborate by growing us winter storage crops so that we can continue delivering locally-grown food all winter long. A few of them said yes and the crops they grew for us will be ready soon! Here's what we ordered:

Salix & Sedge Farm, Salmo

1400 lbs of potatoes 

780 lbs of winter squash 

1300 lbs of carrots 

300 lbs of storage cabbage 


Settle Down Farm, Grand Forks

200 lbs pie pumpkins

200 lbs butternut squash 


Linden Lane Farms, Krestova 

130 lbs shallots

50 lbs celery 

250 lbs parsnips 


Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw

200 lbs rutabaga 


Hoe Down Farm, Pass Creek

200 lbs red fall cabbage

And this is just what we planned out. We'll be ordering even more locally-grown food throughout the year as we need it 😁




Pear Pie 

We couldn't resist making a few pies with the pears from Sunny Spot Farm. We only have four available so if you want one act fast!


Bok Choy Is Back!

Description: Bopak Bok Choy is an Asian green with dark green leaves supported by thick, sweet, white stalks that are juicy with a mild flavour.

Details: Sold per bunch.

Grown by Hoe Down Farm, Pass Creek.


Heirloom Slicer Tomatoes

Description: These gorgeous slicers are an heirloom variety known as Darkstar. They have a deep red colour with black shoulders. Their texture is meaty and juicy with a rich tomato flavor. Perfect for burgers and sandwiches!

Details: Sold per pound.

Grown by Crooked Horn Farm, Winlaw


Arugula Is Back In Stock!

Our final crop of arugula is ready to harvest. Enjoy it while you can because you won't see it again until next year!




Who Really Grows Your Food?

The truth is, farmers have no idea how to grow food. We know how to plant seeds, we know how to water, we know how to amend the soil. But we haven't the slightest idea how to actually grow food. Only the plants and soil know how to do that. We simply provide a space for them to do it.

So next time you receive an order of beautiful veggies, don't just thank the farmers, thank the plants and soil too. They are the true providers 🌱

p.s I just wanted to remind everyone that we do reuse our bags, boxes and jars. If you leave them outside for delivery days we'll pick them up while we drop off your order 👍


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