April 7th, 2022

Emily Woody



Some of our peas have been planted in the garden, garlic has sprouted and a lot of our brassicas and onions are almost ready to go into the garden 🌱 Woohoo!

When it comes to eating locally, the Spring months are definitely the most challenging. Admittedly, we are getting pretty tired of beets, potatoes and carrots. Hang in there, an abundance of greens are only weeks away!




Busy, busy, busy!

Our farm and the work that we’re doing doesn’t look very picturesque at the moment. It’s mostly shades of brown and gray, coupled with broad forking, raking, wheel barrowing compost and adding amendments to our beds.

We don’t use any machinery on our farm so everything we do is done through physical labor. This is the laborious and unglamorous prep work that will set the stage for all the wonderful veggies that will soon be growing in our beds. It’s tough work but it will soon all be worth it!



Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Sourdough Waffles 🤯

With magnificent swirls of cinnamon and brown sugar, these waffles are SCARY good 😱

Just pop these frozen works-of-art into the oven and in only 12 minutes you'll have a glorious tower of beautiful golden brown waffles. Pour some maple syrup on top and watch it slowly soak in. Each bite is light and crispy, sweet and sour. These are a must try!



We recently got reacquainted with an old and beloved recipe of ours called Sour Cakes. When we first got into sourdough we ran into the inevitable problem of having way too much sourdough starter. Instead of throwing it away like we typically would do, we decided to fry it up on a pan to see what would happen.

It was delicious! They are like a sour green onion cake. Super easy to make and a great use of your old sourdough starter.

Check out the recipe by clicking here

Do you have any locally-inspired recipes of your own? We would love for you to share them! To submit your recipes follow this link to our Recipe Submission page on our website by clicking here.



Preorders for Easter Apple Pie, Carrot Cupcakes and Sourdough Waffles will be available this Sunday, April 10th

We will be sending out a reminder email and text on Sunday April 10th to remind everyone to place their orders for the following Easter weekend.

We’ll be offering a special Saturday only deliver for both Nelson and Castlegar so that everyone can get their goodies before Easter.