Dec 18, 2023

Nathan Wild


Thanks Everyone!

We've been getting a huge amount of holiday orders the past two weeks. We can really feel the love and support from the community! A big and grateful thank you to everyone who's been showing their support! ❤️

We only have a couple more delivery days before the holidays so be sure to get your holiday treats this week. As a reminder here is our delivery schedule for this week:

Wednesday Dec 20 Nelson 3pm-7pm

Thursday Dec 21 Castlegar 3pm-7pm

Saturday Dec 23 Nelson 8 am-noon

Sunday Dec 24 Castlegar 8 am-noon



Bake-At-Home Cinnamon Buns

Description: You want to treat yourself this holiday season but you don't want the burden of having to bake and clean up. Why not try our Bake-At Home Cinnamon Buns?

In just minutes you can have a fresh from the oven, warm, homestyle cinnamon bun. Simply pop it in the oven and let the smell of yeast and cinnamon get the whole family excited.

Once it's ready, pull it out of the oven. Then, slather on the vanilla cream cheese frosting and watch as it slowly melts into the cracks and crevasses. Cut yourself a nice thick slice and take a bite.The texture is soft, warm and yeasty. The sweet cinnamon and brown sugar swirls combined with the tangy vanilla cream cheese frosting produce that classic cinnamon bun flavour.


About Our Bake-At-Home Cinnamon Buns

For these Cinnamon Buns we use organic white flour for its light and fluffy texture. We then added the filling, made from butter, brown sugar, a hint of organic nutmeg and our secret ingredient - organic true cinnamon.

True cinnamon is made from the tender inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It has a more subtle and elegant cinnamon flavour compared to the more commonly used cassia cinnamon, which can have a harsh and spicy cinnamon flavour.To top it all off we have included a side of tangy vanilla cream cheese frosting. The tangy frosting and sweet cinnamon swirls gives these cinnamon buns a great balance and an unforgettable flavour.

Details: Includes 5 unbaked cinnamon buns in an aluminum pan and one container of vanilla cream cheese frosting.


Tetsukabuto Squash 

Description: Tetsukabuto squash are an innovative kabocha/butternut cross. The translation of the Japanese name is “iron helmet,” after the famed hardness of the flesh and rind. They have excellent storage ability and are the longest lasting of all the winter squash. They have a sweet and nutty flavour with a creamy texture.

Details: sold per pound.

Grown by Salix and Sedge Farm, Salmo.


Your Last Chance For Holiday Treats Is This Week! 🍪

We are fully loaded with holiday cookies, pies, stuffing, brittle and sourdough waffles. Everything you need to impress your guests this holiday season 🎅