December 7, 2023

Nathan Wild


Holiday Cookie Boxes Are Now Available 🎅

This is our best Holiday Cookie Box yet! We're offering a small and large box AND a box of just Butter Tart Bars. We're really proud of these cookies and we can't wait to share them 😁



Emily Is Back!

Emily just got back from visiting her mom and two sisters. It was quite the journey flying from the Kootenays all the way down to North Carolina. But it was well worth it 🙂




Holiday Cookie Box 

Description: It's the holidays and you're looking to impress your friends and family with a special treat. You're far too busy to bake something yourself and grocery store baked goods are often too sweet and lack flavour and depth. Why not try our Holiday Cookie Box?

We make all of our cookies using our freshly milled, stoneground flours that we source locally from an organic grain farm, located in Armstrong, called Fieldstone Organics. We mill the flour right before we use it and leave it unsifted, making it 100% whole wheat. This ensures maximum freshness, flavour and nutrition.



The Small Cookie Box contains 5 different cookies, 4 of each kind for a total of 20 cookies.

The Large Cookie Box contains 5 different cookies, 6 of each kind for a total of 30.


They include:

Santa's Favorite Cookie - Have you ever wondered how Santa got so plump? It was because of these cookies. A soft and chewy sugar cookie with swirls of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry made with real freeze-dried strawberry powder, visions of these sugar cookies will be dancing in your head, all throughout the night.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie - These cookies are pillowy soft and chewy, similar to a browny. The Dutch cocoa combined with finely ground Osso Negro coffee powder creates a rich, luxurious and deeply satisfying chocolate flavour. We then covered each cookie with a light snowing of powdered sugar.

Thumbprint Cookie - Our Thumbprint cookies are filled with our house-made goldenberry jam that we made with fruit from our farm. It has a tropical flavour with notes of pineapple and butterscotch. If you close your eyes and take a bite, the burst of farm fresh summer fruit flavour will transport you back to a warm, sunny day.

Soft & Chewy Gingerbread Cookie - These are not your typical hard and dry gingerbread cookies. These gingerbread cookies are soft and chewy and feature our freshly milled Red Fife flour along with organic molasses, cloves, ginger and cinnamon for that classic Christmas flavour. 

Butter Tart Bites - Our Butter Tart bites have a rich, buttery filling with a sweet caramel and vanilla flavour that sits atop a tender shortbread cookie. Made with our freshly milled Soft White whole wheat, local eggs, Osso Negro coffee and a sprinkle of sea salt on top, we've taken this Canadian classic to a whole new level.



Butter Tart Bar Box

Description: If you're looking to wow your friends and family this holiday season with a special treat than look no further. Our Butter Tart Bars are seriously good and are guaranteed to draw a crowd as soon as you open them!

Our Butter Tart Bars have a firm, cookie-like base that's made with our delicious freshly milled, locally-sourced Soft White flour. Layered on top is a rich, soft and gooey caramel flavoured filling featuring locally-sourced eggs. We even added a secret ingredient to intensify the caramel flavour - Osso Negro coffee powder. These are our favorite holiday cookie which is why we decided to sell them on their own.

Details: sold in a 4, 6 and 8 pack.


Brown Butter & Hazelnut Brittle

Description: When we discovered that there was a hazelnut farm in Creston we knew we had to create a seasonal hazelnut treat for the holidays.

We decided to try a brown butter & hazelnut brittle. When we took our first! We knew we had found a winner! Our goal was to use fresh locally-grown hazelnuts but after trying to a crack a few dozen nuts by hand we knew it wasn't a practical option (might have to invest in a nut-cracking machine for next year!). For this brittle we used imported organic hazelnuts. But the recipe was inspired by Kootenay-grown hazelnuts.

When you take a bite of our brittle the texture is hard and crunchy. But as you chew it it starts to melt in your mouth. It tastes sweet with an intense caramel flavour. The nutty hazelnuts and sea salt beautifully balance out the sweet brittle making it a highly addictive treat.

Details: sold in 200 g bags.


Bread Bag And Cover Sale

All of our Beeswax Bread Bags, Bowl Covers and Jar Covers are on sale!



Cheesy Potato & Leek Quiche

This seasonal quiche flavour is one of our favorites. There's just something about cheese, potatoes and leeks that are deeply satisfying.



Food For Thought 🍎

Was Your Italian-Made Food Produced By The Mafia?

The Guardian and Vice News have recently released stories about the connection between the Italian Mafia and mass-produced Italian food products.

It's called the Agro Mafia. It's a branch of the Italian Mafia that has taken over Italian farms through intimidation and violence. It's become such a large part of their organization that it's now their second most lucrative income source - illegal drugs, of course, being number one. 

They sabotage farms who refused to give up their farm land. They sell counterfeit Italian food products to the global market. And they trap desperate immigrant farmworkers from North Africa in slave-like conditions on their factory farms. 

I now have to wonder if my beloved organic extra-virgin olive oil, canned tomatoes and lemon juice are directly funding the Mafia. Wonderful!

This is the problem with mass-produced imported food from the grocery store. If you trace it back to its origin you will inevitably find farming practices that go against your values. 

Oh, and just because it says "product of Italy" doesn't mean it was grown in Italy. It just means it was processed in Italy. The tomatoes for example could have been grown in China (where tomatoes are cheaper) and shipped into Italy for processing. Just another little fun fact 😉