November 23, 2023

Emily Woody


We'll Be Closed Next Weekend (Dec 2nd & 3rd)

Emily is going on a trip to North Carolina next week to visit her mom and two sisters. It's quite a hike to get there so we’ll be closed next weekend on Dec 2nd and 3rd. 

We want to encourage everyone to load up on veggies this week. We would hate for anyone to run out of locally-grown food while we take our break!


First Batch Of Holiday Cookies Completed!

In our first round of holiday cookies we made thumbprint cookies featuring our homemade ground cherry jam made with ground cherries that we grew on the farm this year. 

Fun fact: Ground cherries aren't actually cherries; They're related to tomatoes and have a sweet tropical flavour with notes of pineapple and butterscotch. 

We also made butter tart bars and Santa's favourite cookie which is a neopolitan style cookie with layers of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. YUM!



Roasted Turnips

This is a roasted turnip recipe using our Purple Top Turnips. They have the mildest flavour of all the winter root vegetables with subtle notes of broccoli. With just a sprinkling of salt for seasoning, this recipe is simple and delicious!




Food With Faces 

When you look in your fridge, freezer or cupboard, how many faces can you put to your food?

As we continue to explore the koootenay foodscape we're getting a chance to know so many of our local farmers and artisans. And because we now have access to so much locally-grown food we can now put a name and a face to most of the food we eat.

What we've begun to notice is that there is a myriad of feelings that comes with knowing the people who create your food. You feel grounded in the network of your community. You feel gratitude because you know how hard it was to make that food. You feel peace of mind because you know your food was made or grown with care and consideration - not just for the quality but for the land and local creatures as well. And you feel proud because you know your money is going to support a small local business, which is the backbone of any community.

Back in the day all food use to come with a relationship. Either to the people who made it or to the the land that grew it. Sadly those relationships have all but dwindled away. Supermarkets replaced local farms, home gardens and artisans. Our community ties were frayed and I think we all feel more lonely because of it. 

It doesn't have to be this way however. We can rebuild. We can reconnect. We just have to venture outside of the conventional ways of buying food, remove the middlmen and become excited about exploring the vast foodscape that's in our backyard.


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